March 2018


Micky Coyne and Pete Harvey, two independent creatives, partnered with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies to announce plans for a Hyperloop link between Cleveland and Chicago with a bold new brand film that declares the term “Rust Belt” dead.

Billionaires like Elon Musk and Richard Branson have made waves recently by hinting at development of the space-age capsules that fly humans in pneumatic-style tubes at 700 miles an hour around the earth, but it’s Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, the company that launched the movement, that first announced a partnership with Cleveland and Chicago to survey development of what would be America’s first Hyperloop track.

And in beating Musk and Branson to the task, they’ve capped it off with a stake-in-the-ground brand film.

Titled “Here Lies,” the eulogy evokes the glory days of transportation in the Midwest, then tosses the term Rust Belt aside to make room for the newly-declared “Hyperloop Belt.”

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