July 2007



Director:Baker Smith

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger
Executive Creative Director: Jan Jacobs
Executive Creative Director: Leo Premutico
Art Directors: Jan Jacobs, Matt Elhardt
Copywriters: Leo Premutico, Ryan Ebner
Director of Integrated Production: Colin Pearsall
Senior Producer: John Doris
Production Co.: Harvest

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brainzed's picture
Activity Score 652

I love the title: "Wendy's hole"… I was expecting something else…

pindaro's picture
Activity Score 524

well.... I've seen it and it's not pretty!

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

That's weird! i don't get the hole thing but i like it ;)

fuzzynation's picture

Shouldn't they be jumping off a roof or a bridge? Isn't that what your Mom always said?

Brophy's picture
Activity Score 102

Nice creepy line. Much improved over the tree kickers. Sizzling.

Thinking's picture
Activity Score 30


Beatboxer's picture
Activity Score 1517

Ahahahahahaha, stupid, funny and... hole.

Joe76's picture
Activity Score 762

hahahaha I have to agree with everybody XD

Ad_Lizard's picture
Activity Score 73

I don't understand the Wendy's Man and I've never gotten a fresh juicy burger at Wendy's.

writergeekdez's picture
Activity Score 255

1) These are interesting spots, but they become very tiresome when you see 'em over and over again.

2) Don't understand why he needs to wear the creepy "Wendy" wig.

3) And if only the burgers were as "hot 'n juicy" as the commercials claim. Damn food stylists!

back2b's picture
Activity Score 191

I kind of like it even though it is so American...

Nevertheless, the best part is
showing these square meatballs in their burgers - right out of the machine...

Talk quality but don't do it.
It's too much effort, isn't it?

Tapper's picture
Activity Score 490

I like the xtreme metaphors, otherwise would be boring. And his wig is funny. However could have gotten better aloof actor, think of haywire (facial expressiona) in prison break

Strip. Strip. Strip.

Guest Fellow's picture
Guest Fellow

Cool ad. But GOT-DAMN that burger looks like it was made with ass meat.

HumbaJumba's picture

Congratulations Saatchi & Saatchi, the Wendy's brand certainly sticks out in my mind nowadays ... to bad the words "foolish", "stupid", and "insultingly transparent, over-the-top ad strategy" also come quickly to mind.

I realize Wendy's is trying to target a younger demographic ... but I'm young and I still loved Dave Thomas ... do they honestly think such a simple, nice man would have signed off on this nonsense?