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December 2011

Heineken Sunrise 60 Secs Youtube


In this film, Heineken Legendary hero takes advantage of all the party’s opportunities in a responsible manner, and ends his night by enjoying a spectacular sunrise with the star DJ Audrey Napoleon. The female protagonist of the campaign is one of the world’s top international female DJ’s and also she features an exclusive new track called “ My Sunrise”.

Film advertisment created by Publicis, Italy for Heineken, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Bruno Bertelli, Cristiana Boccassini
Copywriters: Rachele Proli, Michela Talamona
Art Director: Fabrizio Tamagni
Production Company: Sonny, London
Film Director: Fredrik Bond
Production Company Producer: Alicia Richards
Agency Producer: Mariella Maiorano
Client Service Director: Stefania Savona
Account Manager: Giada Salerno
Campaign Mediator: Bela Ziemann
DOP: Mattias Montero
Visual Effects: Cutting Edge
DJ: Audrey Napoleon
Editor: Patrick Ryan

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Activity Score 34


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Activity Score 6041

not bad


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Activity Score 1066


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Activity Score 1804

Lovely concept!

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Activity Score 598

soooo don't drink Heineken and instead drink water? got it.

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Activity Score 373

It was sure that somebody would have this comment. Advertising is not as simple as you think.

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Activity Score 598

Advertising is up for interpretation. It is the advertiser's job to make sure those interpretations don't go off the intended path. This clip missed that mark. You yourself imply that the ad could be confused "It was sure that somebody would have this comment."

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spot on...but i think they intended to make a socially conscious ad and went to town with "smoking is injurious to health" ads that u see...ballsy, yes

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Activity Score 373

Advertising does not have to be well-interpreted by everybody. But when you write a comment on a site that judge advertising, you must be able to understand what is the message behind the spot. In this case, the announcer want to tell "drink with moderation" and that's what it said. The agency did a good job.

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Activity Score 598

Yes, I understand the intended message but I do not think they conveyed that message. Instead the take away was that the only hero in the party was the one not drinking Heineken (and yes I realize he has a beer in the beginning but it is in the first 3 seconds where if missed, it changes the premise of the ad.) The spot would have been better for this alcohol brand had it not made villains of the people consuming its product.

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Sunrise belongs to those on ecstasy.

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Activity Score 104

I figured that's what the water was about....

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Activity Score 4535

Agree with the sentiments of this ad and the insight.

I like it for its acknowledgment that people drink too much.

As oppose to a funny beer ad with the 'please drink responsibly' cop out.

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Activity Score 9

Different approach for a lovely concept.
More than a tv. That's brand image.

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

I agree. But the execution here is presented in a totally wrong way.

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

I think this is an Italian thing...

This ad is so wrong on so many levels.
There's no educational story here whatsoever. If so, it's not clear and up for questioning.
This spot sounds, and looks like, an ad pro-Cocaine and XTC/MDMA.

I would feel good in any situation with a Heineken. Except in Italy.

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Activity Score 107

What's the problem? The message is clear and nice.

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Activity Score 5

I'm sorry, you have to be comatose if you don't "get this". It's almost "knock you over the head" execution.

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Activity Score 20

Smart ass