October 2009

Film advertisment created by Newmoment, Macedonia for Goverment of republic of Macedonia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: New Moment, Macedonia
Creative Director: Dushan Drakalski
Directors: Dushan Drakalski, Marko Gjokovik
Producers: Goran Sazdanovski, Filip Dimitrov
Editing: Marko Gjokovik

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Activity Score 2

What is the music piece in this? Because I feel it's Yann Tiersen, not Satie.

Prof's picture
Activity Score 1449

bit of eric satie in the background there...

and a no good, wannabe smartass ad on a VERY risky subject and with an even riskier line.


Quite really.

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yeah,yeah profesor is allways right :) nice profesor in that ad and one on the comment. it looks to me very dificult subject for making an ad.

jackmancer2017's picture
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Oh this is great. Inspirational.

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Congrats to this creative team.

navs's picture
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its great, but eistein was the dumb one in school - it had to pass a lot of time to become what he become.

Juan Cabral's picture
Juan Cabral
Activity Score 709

They used a very well-know (although not true) story to build a very nice concept. Not award-winning, but still very effective.

Advertiser who won 10 or more lions in the last 10 years.
And I am not the real Juan Cabral, guys. So sorry for that!

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A couple of things stand out for me about this ad.

Setting aside the fact that this probably never happened, it's basically a kid using sophistry to "prove" the existence of god in the face of a pretty basic argument against the existence of a god that believers still have trouble refuting or responding to. Even if evil is the "absence of good," the fact that an omnipotent and beneficent god allows it to happen means that god is either not omnipotent (since he is unable to stop evil from occurring), or not beneficent (because he willingly allows evil to occur).

Second, why is the government of Macedonia putting out an ad attempting to convince its citizens that teaching religion in school is a good thing? Scary stuff. This is government propaganda, folks. If you want a reason why teaching religion in schools by government mandate is a bad idea, ask any Christian kid living in a place like Egypt and being forced to learn about Islam and read the Koran in order not to flunk out of school.

Other than the above, I really have nothing to say about the ad. It would have been pretty boring if it wasn't for the subject matter. The music was good.

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Yes if u put everything out ofcourse it will be borring. And propaganda? Do you judge the goverment(client) or the agency?
Its dificult topic, more than a cigarete ad, and I think they did their best. I try now to imagine their brief and its not easy.

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Activity Score 335

effective & touchy! good job.

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love it.

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Great ad loved it

Rattan Makkar

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opposite of u
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very nice...

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I agree with AmOgodzzz. I am not fond of any government that tries to promote religious education in public schools ( or banishing it from private schools that are religious based, for that matter). Religion in my opinion must be an option.
Regarding the ad, the art direction is lovely, very well shot and great music. But the argument is pretty weak, based on the idea of entity of reasons ( darkness is the absence of light, cold the absence of heat, evil the absence of good) and ultimately comes across as boring. Is religion science? Nope, not really.

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As an agnostic, I can really appreciate this commercial's beauty. However... there was a pause that made me raise my eyebrow.

when man does not have god's love (pause)
present in his heart.

I understand the spacing issue, but before reading the second part, this commercial would easily have become inappropriate.

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very good! love it!

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What's the music piece? Because I feel it's Yann Tiersen.

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Activity Score 2

What is the music piece in this? Because I feel it's Yann Tiersen, not Satie.

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it is Satie (lent)

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I feel sorry for those respondents who are unable to separate the beauty in this ad from the subject matter. It's like not liking Michael Jackson music because he was accused of being a child molester, or boycotting Woody Allen movies because he married his stepdaughter. We are not here to judge the clients' motivation but rather to judge the creativity of the communication. Are people so entrenched in their ideologies that they are unable to do this?

Divya de la Puente's picture
Divya de la Puente
Activity Score 10

I think this ad is cleverly and well made. I don't know if the content has its real bases but still it did come across the message effectively. Though, I wish the word religion could have been replaced for an even broader one.

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What is this, a Creationists' party? This sucks big time.