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That is just wrong...

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Intentionally scaring children. Not funny.

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what the heck.. lol.. this was funny...

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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I love Orangina but think neither of these ads are very clever or funny. It seems also that the dentist had to play the "dad" role on the ghost train too. Is there only one actor in Romania?


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I really like the look on that kid's face when he exits the tunnel. Cool!

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lolzzz!!!!um...but puts a bad pic ab the elders...being selfish n sutff...!

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Not bad, however the drink sucks big time. Orangina, to put it nicely is THE worst yellow liquid ever invented on Earth. No ad in the world will manage to sell that shit. They say it has 2% orange bits in it. You can shake it for half an hour and you won't wake those 2% of fruit bits that are supposedly in that ugly shaped plastic bottle. If you're wondering why, the answer is simple. 2% is too little to even notice them. So if you shake, you'll wake yourself with a cold shower of that horrible drink shooting out of the bottle because of all the pressure created while shaking it. But if you really want to get wet, its no point to do it with orangina, you could try the good ol' champagne. At least you can lick yourself clean afterwards with no risk of brain damage.

Also, I didn't test it see if it stains. Cause if it does, man that would be nasty, people would rightly think you peed yourself abundantly therefore you're suffering from urinary incontinence and than girls won't want to date you anymore and that would be even nastier.

So my advice is avoid Orangina at all cost and whatever you do, please don't shake it in public. Do it in the intimacy of your bathroom, make sure you have a toilet and a shower handy and even then, think twice if those 2 microscopical bits of orange are worth the hustle. An orange and a glass of fresh water would do the job 100 times better.

A more realistic slogan for this drink should be "Don't shake it before you bin it."

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the kid should have been really shaky when getting out of the tunnel. like this, is just a petty "exaggeration". and too many "scary" details, you lose focus from the main joke. maybe if they did those right, they could get something in Golden Drum :) 'cause don't imagine any Orangina client would approve this. it's just an expensive fake. that's the reason for using one actor, too, cutting production costs.
and, by the way, the idea has been done for a similar czech juice, some 5 yrs ago, in Golden Drum...