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February 2010

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These films were created by Robert Kleman and Nik Klinkert, who are freelance New York Creatives. Award winning writer Robert Kleman (former CD of TBWA Singapore, ECD of Euro, New York) has produced various work for The Foundation for a Smokefree America. He wanted to highlight the dangers of second hand smoke to a youth market through a tone that was counter to the usual preaching and scare tactics of anti tobacco advertising.

Film advertisement created by The Colony, United States for Foundation for a Smokefree America, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Be Considerate. Don't Smoke. A message for the Foundation for a Smokefree America

Advertising Agency: Client Direct/The Colony, USA
Creatives: Robert Kleman, Nick Klinkert
Director: The Colony
Production company: The Colony
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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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This is pretty bad. It's not sending a "Don't smoke" message, it's sending a "Don't throw your cig butts on the streets" message.
This wouldn't convince anyone to do either one of these actions.

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not so good!

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Art Director at homeshop
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I think driving a huge 4x4 is more antisocial than smoking so if it blows 4x4s up I am going to start smoking again.

Phil Lestino
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this is an add made by people against SUV drivers. nice going. let's burn those suckers to the ground. u know who will love this idea? pepsi. with their pathetic campaign...change the world... put a pepsi logo on this and there you go.

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"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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I like this campaign. It's a new twist in a hackneyed genre. It's something I haven't seen before. Love the endline. Very understated.

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General Manager
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Jesus! I guess that guy is like Gambit from the X-Men? Smoking is AWESOME!

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may be .. it will cum out sum good result.......

this is not good...

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Art Director
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I killed somebody from smoking, oh well, carry on. Was I supposed to feel something more?

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