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October 2008
Advertising Agency: Arnold, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: John Staffen
Group Creative Director / Art Director: Gary Rozanski
Creative Director / Copywriter: Thom Baginski
Director of Broadcast Production: Celia Williams
Executive Director: Anthony Migliaccio
Associate Producer: Pete Scudese
Production Co: Backyard Productions, Venice
Director: Kevin Smith
Executive Producer: Peter Steinzeig
Editorial: Post Millenium, New York
Executive Producer: Adam Soutar
Editor: Nathan Byrne
Audio: The Lodge, New York
Executive Producer: Sallie Moore
Music Supervisor / Creative Director: Colin Thibadeau

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Guest commenter

This whole campaign is so gay

Really you can't change young people's language with logic. You have to make it uncool to say it

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Hate to agree with a gay commenter above, but the gay commenter above has a good point. Historically, when trying to get a point across to minors, a logical approach has proven less effective. I really applaud the effort here. This is not a bad campaign as it is. But makes me wonder if it really cuts through to those pimple-poppers who's mental maturity hasn't fully developed yet.

The gay commenter above is right. You have to make it uncool or better yet, make them guilty for casually saying something is "so gay."

So, I'm right behind the gay commenter above (wait, does that make ME gay?)

4 stars from me. The "cashiers" spot feels like the best one.

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Crisp One
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Guest commenter


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i'm not quite getting it. could the actresses demonstrate this "gay" they speak of?

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LoL, you so wish!

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with or without campaigns, they will always be the unwanted in the society!


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Where does the budget come from?

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Guest commenter

What a sec, lemme get this straight (all puns aside)

saying "that's gay" is not cool

so does that mean being gay is cool?

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that is soooooooo fag! fag is the new gay! gay. gay. fag. fag. just jack it off! this ad is so gay! "yes on 8!"

Arnold Santillan