Monumental Environment Congress

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March 2008

Film advertisment created by Dynamo, Finland for Finnish Railway Company, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Dynamo Advertising, Helsinki, Finland
Creative Director: Vesa Kujala
Art Director: Jyrki Poutanen
Copywriter: Timo Silvennoinen
Account Director: Sanna Forsström
Strategic Planner: Dan Rönnqvist
Production management: Arja Kvist, Eila Turunen
Production company: Grillifilms
Animation: Talvi

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Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

well done spot! but the punchline destroys it all - too bad. :(

Corbeen's picture
Activity Score 1093

what da f... ??

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Activity Score 287


Jennifer Macfarlane's picture
Jennifer Macfarlane
Activity Score 23

crazy - but amazing animation

brain123's picture
Activity Score 830

Killer animation. Concept sucks!

AssassinX's picture
Activity Score 1329

Yeah, sometimes stunning VFX can save a bad idea.

mikepants2005's picture
Activity Score 504

That is one of the worst ads I've ever see in my entire life! What a waste of a big production budget. As they say in England, 'You can't polish a turd' meaning if's a shit idea then it doesn't matter how much money you spend on it. It will always look shit.

bknowlden's picture
Activity Score 3647

Not buttoned up well at all, but i got really excited for the punchline when i saw the production quality build :(

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

I don't get it! Argh!!!!!! Nice idea, but how's the train going to save monuments--lack of car pollution? The monuments are doing the driving. Jeez.

Polishing a turd indeed!

Guest's picture

treeniä is Finnish for training. The statue is repling in Finnish that he's been training. Thous the misunderstanding between Finnish and English. Tho, he does use the train as well...

vidya.shankaran's picture
Activity Score 724

Loved it !! Bloody brilliant !!!!

the.copywriter.twisted's picture
Activity Score 48

What's so bad about it?

If you train, you won't be gone with pollution. Simple.

Seems like a winner to me.


ManchuChanchu's picture
Activity Score 701

when i saw the statue of liberty walking i thot 'looks interesting' when i read monumment congress I was like 'ok' when the commercial ended i was like 'What the fuck!' this one has all the ingredients of a good ad but is a really abrupt one

Activity Score 1838

Weird. This looks great. With the giant statue foot at the start and looming over the coliseum. Then when you get in there and the statues are talking its still interesting. But then, they keep talking, and then it ends on a rubbish conclusion. disappointed. :-(

We're going to need more lube.

DJVassallo's picture
Activity Score 243

once again a concept that relies too much on local culture...

the main character is actually the statue outside Helsinki´s Central Railway Station, symbol of the national train company and soooo well known icon of the city, that´s why makes a lot of sense for Finns...

the "to train" and "train" wordgame is fine, too bad the Finnish accent in English spoils it...

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