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November 2009

Fevicol: Moustache

Film advertisment created by Ogilvy, India for Fevicol, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

The Ultimate adhesive since 1959

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy and Mather, India
Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Abhijit Avasthi, Rajiv Rao
Art Directors: Sameer Sojwal, Ganesh Nayak
Copywriters: Amitabh Agnihotri, Suyash Khabya
Servicing Team: Vivek Verma,Pratik Mehta, Ramanathan Sridhar, Bindya Talluri
Media: Mediaedge:cia
Director: Prasoon Pandey
Production House: Corcoise Films
Music Director: Dhruv Ghanekar

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funky_frogii's picture
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he he he he funny....but should have shown her kid with moustache...... beautiful song.

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ivan's picture

I believe her reincarnation with the mustache is funnier. :)

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here is something something strikingly similar from India. done a few years ago:

Guest's picture

I dont think so, the ideas are completely different.

Guest's picture

True. This one is in reverse. And only a genius can come up with something so original. Kudos to the Ogilvy team. Please keep it up. There are so many good commercials in the world that you can tweak a bit and call it 'different'.

I hear Nike is doing something great, globally! We can do some 'jugaad' on that, right?

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They have done it yet again!

old monk's picture
old monk
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This one is tribute to Piyush Pandey by Ogilvy.

bobby666's picture
Activity Score 1460

cool tvc but nothing great. well executed keeping in mind the concept. the new born with moustache a bit too far-fetched. my personal views - strictly.

Prof's picture
Activity Score 1449

creeps me out

Quite really.

Shrinivas S Dudhgaonkar's picture
Shrinivas S Dud...
Activity Score 8

Music is good but...the mustache pasted with fevicol will be removed from the face with the's a totally mismatch exaggeration...what do u think guys?

jayesh_chill's picture
Activity Score 71

No I don't think so. Especially because Fevicol ads always had a taste of exaggeration. This alleged exaggeration actually makes the ad more funny. Just check their other ads(If you haven't seen already)

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Guest's picture
Guest's picture

Wow!!! Pandey Saheb & team, majja aa gaya.

Guest's picture

this is nonsense.

munirgee's picture
Activity Score 454

Either New or Old. Hilarious enough...... Great Ad!!!

anHiiieeta's picture
Activity Score 328

SUPERB! hats off to the Ogilvy team. wish i was a part of it too :)

tappu666's picture
Activity Score 9

very funny

atool's picture
Activity Score 12

very good work. The message 'sticking mean fevicol ' communicated bang on after a long time after the bus tvc. Other work I find too far stretched though entertaining.