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... :( ...
Don't like it! It's just a excuse to make me smile? Nowadays it seems ads can do watherver only for the purpouse to surprise. But i think not everything fits in this idea. (UFF, my english it's not really good, i i hope you guys understood my idea...). Sorry but i think it's stupid... Maybe it's not my best day...


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I don't like it...

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yeah. just taken from youtube (search for handfarting) and slapped a brand on top. disappointing

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So bad.
\Cornelio, the best.

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robby douglas turner is one of our great directors over here, i wish he had kept his name off this one

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Huh Paulflies? An excuse to make you smile? What's wrong with that? If the ad made you smile isn't that half the joy of it?
Like the Vivaldi Four Seasons track best, but the farting movement in the shoes at the end of this one won me over. If they used youtube to find talent so what? They have made it relevant to the product and shot it well.


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