November 2010

Doritos: Stakeout

Production: Ladeson Production, USA
Director: Cam McHarg
Producers: Francis Pollara, Cam McHarg
Executive Producers: Jason Paro, Robert McAllister
Cinematography: Alexandre Naufel
Editor: Daniel Freedman
Art Director: Louis Chernovsky
Production Design: Melissa Beth Balter
Copywriter: Cam McHarg
Colorist: Faust Pierfederici
Digital Compositing: Alessandro Schiassi
Sound: Ryan Knouf
Sound Design: Blaine O'Brien
Hair / makeup: Jessica Rosenfield

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CuriousPencil's picture
Activity Score 4225

Missing a few things here: story, humour, tagline, idea that doesn't come from the 80s... apart from that, it still does nothing for me.

jackmancer2017's picture
Activity Score 6992

yes it's 27 seconds that barely leave an impression.

New Nice and Fun's picture
New Nice and Fun
Activity Score 377

For a brand that organized "Crash the Superbowl", it is very disappointing ....

Guest's picture

Ha! Very cool.

cammcharg's picture
Activity Score 13

Please consider taking some of your more than ample free time to register, log-in, and do your best impressions of the old dudes from up in the balcony on The Muppet Show here at the Doritos Super Bowl site, too!
The more attention of any kind, the better!
Thanks, guys! Bring on the views! It all helps! :)

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Congratulation! This is a beautiful spot, the pics are amazing, the story is efficient and the timing perfect!
I've seen your spot on The Inspiration room website: it seems like you already nailed it!!! Wish you the best for the contest!! For sure, we'll hear about you in the future.

Guest's picture

Guess they're attempting to do a pre-Super Bowl warm up. Although after last year's blockbuster "Samurai" spot (which busted the Nielsen rating meter), they'll have their hands full trying to best it. Compare for yourself:

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Nice work

Guest's picture

most excellent!

Guest's picture

Most excellent

dsummers's picture
Activity Score 3

I thought it was great! Stylish and good production.

Guest's picture

Classic! I love it! Hope to see this in the finals. Nice work:)

Cheerriiee's picture
Activity Score 952

i'll say thats cool, just cause im very hungry right now, kiddin, it was good.