Dombås Kebab House

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October 2008
Advertising Agency: Try advertising, Oslo, Norway
Art Directors: Ester Hjellum, Karin Lund
Copywriters: Jørgen Bøhle Bakke, Øystein Halvorsen
Production company: Motionblur
Director: Harald Zwart
Producers: Espen Horn, Ola Narum Berg
Project manager: Cathrine Wennersten
Account director: Morten Polmar

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LOL -- what a great piece of work! To be able to take pot shots at so many targets in such a short time... serious kudos.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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Guest commenter 02

I don't understand it.

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The owner of a small kebab shop can afford to do a major production ad. This is what being rich does to you.

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Ha, that's good.

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hahaha, thats funny. nice

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Crisp One
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fucking hell... ;-)

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'add to favourites, send round the office'
"it's a kebab, it's a kebab!"

I love that guy - Doing it for the cause.

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Guest commenter

This ad is, quite obviously, about a fear of immigrants.

They invade your country with their strange ethnic foods, they instill fear with their terrorist kabobs exploding on the public streets, and make your men and women dance in horrid outdated 1980s garb.

They are to be feared. Especially if they win the lottery. So you'd better buy a ticket or they will start the kabob invasion.

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filipe c

disgusting to spend 5 millions dollars in this!