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it's pretty rough. the VO is slow and the line at the end isn't working ('and for what?'). maybe some revisions and better editing could bring across the high energy feel of snowboarding and plate tectonics. i like the twist at the end, but this execution kind of whiffed it.

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the voice of the man was way too erotic for this ad.

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The visuals are stunning. I would like to see a little more of the skiing/snowboarding and less of the earth. It seems like a movie ad at first due to the man's voice...he sounds like the moviephone guy or the voice from "Scream". I really like the concept though.

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I love the way the earth seems like it's striving to get to the end goal of being ski'd on. This makes me smile - one of those "we're alive to have fun" kind of messages.
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