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Ed Mintone
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must be cool to have a budget

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omg this is awesome. i want to buy it now. )

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Not Woody Kay

Much ado about nothing.

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Fantastic. Great spot

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This is crazy. So much money spent on a pack of gum ad. Interesting tho.

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nice ads... totally different look n feel for a chewing gum ad..

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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proof that with enough money, you can polish a turd.

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I just really enjoyed watching the spot. Reminds me of a film, Contact with Jodie Foster.
Will I buy the gum? Not because of this spot. Because of the name. 5 gum. Love the name.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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Jodie Foster haha thats exactly what i was thinking

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not good, in fact, it's bad. I don't care how much money they threw at it. Doesn't work.

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High quality production and budget.
Not so high quality idea.

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wow, really bad.

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Activity Score 1517

Fabulous, beautiful and expensive piece of crap.

Where's Jodie Foster, by the way?

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Activity Score 3376

It just reminded me of the movie "Contact" with Jodie Foster in it. She's not in this spot. The style and graphics reminded me of that movie. :)

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Thousands spent on execution and a ten second tag. (If you're going to spend that much on production, why not cap it off with a killer tag?)

travisriririririr's picture

I just tried it.....all it is is repackaged wrigley spearamint. Pretty common move. Bland.

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so i went to the gas station and saw this gum and remembered how GOOD it looked from the commercials, so i bought it.

tastes like every other gum, just has better packaging. VERY dissapointing
great advertisement though, got me to buy the gum.

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This gum is the BEST!! I can't wait to try cobalt and rain. Flare is fantastic!

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w00t! Kudos for this stuff!

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Yes and its so good for you...contains "ASPERTAME"...feeds your cancer real good and gives you a nice headache...wake up fool !!!

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i love 5 gum :]
the flavor seriously lasts longer than any other ive ever tried.

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Wow..awsome, gotta love the gyroscope. =]