California's Office of Traffic Safety

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April 2012

California's Office of Traffic Safety: California's Office of Traffic Safety


California's Office of Traffic Safety taps Hollywood film industry to help reduce car crashes caused by using a cell phone while driving. Deaths caused by drivers using their cell phones is one of our country's fastest growing trends, killing approximately 6,000 people annually. To help stop the behavior, the State of California has called on the entertainment industry to tell the real story of how using a cell phone impairs a person’s ability to drive. “It reduces brain power by 37%,” says Chris Cochran, assistant director of marketing and public affairs for California’s Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), citing a Carnegie Mellon research study. “When you drive and use a cell phone for talking or texting, you’re essentially driving like a zombie.”

Film advertisment created by Glass, United States for California's Office of Traffic Safety, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Glass Agency, USA

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Tom Megginson
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There's a whole series of them. (The others are better)

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I agree the others are better, BUTTTT the zombie idea never worked for me.

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It's better than the average text&drive ads.

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Let the zombie idea rest.

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anónimo de la calle
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No more ads with zombies, please...!!!

anónimo de la calle

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