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December 2012

Cafe Coffee Day TVC - Sit Down


Café Coffee Day, being India’s biggest café chain, with 1408 cafes, is where India’s youth hang out. More often than not, it’s where they find their love, make new friends, study, read, plan their lives and form their opinions. The idea was to give all the time they spent sitting down at Café Coffee Day the legitimacy and importance it warrants. Throughout history, the greatest of things have happened when people have sat down. From nations signing treaties to people sharing lunch, from leaders writing the constitution to young couples going on their first date, sitting down always leads to something more. We realized that there can’t be a better brand than Café Coffee Day to ask people to ‘sit down’.

Film advertisment created by Creativeland Asia, India for Café Coffee Day, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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Congrats! Very funny and a great strategy.

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Sit down for a good video...

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Klara K.
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I love the idea of sit down for something!

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Lisbon freak
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Yeah, a great message - sit down, be passive and don't forget to buy pricey coffee.

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atilas lob
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colorful & funny

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Abhishek Parikh
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Hats off to creativeland for adding another feather in their cap.