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June 2011

Bavaria: Hefner


Hugh Hefner lives the life every man dreams of. Every day he lives in an abundance of beautiful women on his Playboy Mansion. That still is a demanding and busy life. To sustain that energetic life for such a long time, Hugh has taken some secret measures, which even transcend his daily dream.

Film advertisment created by Selmore, Netherlands for Bavaria, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Poppe van Pelt, Diederick Hillenius
Art Director: Tibor van Ginkel
Copywriter: Ard Brunnekreef
Agency Producer: Marga Bierema
Account Supervisor: Olivier Koning
Advertiser's Supervisors: Peer Swinkels, Frenkel Denie, Niels Oudega, Mathieu Veldhuijzen
Account Managers: Vincent Breedveld, Marieke Foppen
Production Company: Bonkers
Producers: Jan Jinek, Saskia Kok
Director: Jonathan Herman
D.O.P.: Glynn Speeckaert
Editor: Martin Heijgelaar
Post Production: Hectic Electric
Sound Design: WAVE
Other: Richard H Coll

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Temple's picture
Activity Score 11341

Funny, but to be honest, not as good as the Mickey Rourke Bavaria one.

Vingy's picture
Activity Score 474

Wow this is great. Nice concept!

miko1aj's picture
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escape (from women) to drink with buddies.
This is GREAT???? I don't know - maybe this is the most echoed cliche in the beer ads ever. Or second in line.

Richard Finch's picture
Richard Finch
Activity Score 201

I agree, but this one is in an entirely different league.

It's one thing to be a random dude with a random entourage of ladies you need to escape and another to be (what's considered) the man surrounded by the most exquisite and desirable women on the planet.

I applaud the production and taking this cliche to another level (and by that I mean improvement).

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ok mate - understand your point of view, but i have totally different feelings about this ad.
For me habitat of mr. Hefner is neither sexy nor appealing. This women are definitely NOT "most desirable on the planet" and he himself is lil bit to old (and i mean his condition not an age) to play a role of hedonistic womanizer. He's pathetic in fact.
So - from this point - for me this ad is just big budget crap :)

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Activity Score 8

me encanta, excelente...

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CriticalVoice's picture
Activity Score 165

Consistent. The only pity is that the women are portrayed very negatively and as "less important" than a beer.

raw tuna's picture
raw tuna
Activity Score 837

Didn't see that coming; i like it.