When I grow up

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October 2010

Barbie: When I grow up

Film advertisment created by Firedrill, United States for Barbie, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: Firedrill Productions, El Segundo, CA
Creative Director: Kristina Duncan
Creative Supervisor: Rosina Weitekamp
Broadcast Producer: Chantal Houle
Production Company: Nonfiction Unlimited, Santa Monica
Director: Peyton Wilson
DP: Nicole Whitaker
Executive Producer: Loretta Jeneski, Michael Degan
Editorial Company: Umlaut Films
Editor: Jessica Condon
Post Producer: Gina LoCurcio
Color Correction: New Hat, Beau Leon
Mattel / Barbie Marketing: Stephanie Cota

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morse's picture
Activity Score 18024

Perfect. Targeting parents. Telling them barbie is for role play, for building dreams of the future.

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

jackmancer2017's picture
Activity Score 6992

Yeah, it gets a really powerful message across, a really hopeful one. I think it hits just the right string for parents to spoil their daughters with a Barbie.

Girlfireice's picture
Activity Score 254

pulls on the heartstrings.. nice!

Prime83's picture
Activity Score 497


Guest's picture

Great to see a toy ad targeted to parents. Well executed. I'm almost thinking about giving my boy a Barbie to nurture his dream.

Guest's picture

Nice..the copy especially.

Guest's picture

I would never say that the client was barbie until the end.
Barbie?¿ Amazing!

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

Really powerful idea for Barbie, of all products.

However, they should NOT have repeated the line "when I grow up", because it immediately smacks of Nike and even Monster. And that's a real shame, because this spot is strong enough to stand on it's own.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

CrackerJackFlash's picture
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Guest's picture

Flipa! És la primera vegada que després d'un anunci d'aquest tipus em quedo amb un "carai!". Per fi trencant esquemes en el món publicitari de de les joguines! Vaig a comprar-me la Barbie!

DBB's picture
Activity Score 1216

if i had a doughter id buy it right now :)

HappyHour's picture
Activity Score 2381

how funny would a male version for Ken dolls be?

Temple's picture
Activity Score 11337

Excellent. Spot of the week.