End of the world

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November 2016

AXE - Fiesta del fin del mundo


Film advertisment created by Ponce, Argentina for Axe, within the category: Health.

Axe "End of the world" Party, the best plan for your last night on earth.

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Cab driver didn't get the memo. It's alright. Some much better axe ads though.

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i'm glad they finally understand that it's kindda boring or déjà-vu to have a axe pub showing dummy girls loving the smell of a very ugly guy, but on the other side, this is based on a fake event : the end of the world (referinf the 2012 i guess). I mean, is the message " if it's the end of the world, than the only think you should care about is to put axe to get laid with girls???"
what about his dog lmao!!

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Interesting.. The weather man who loves to strip on his last day is funny. The old guy in the swimming pool is just sad.
I would like to know more about the campaign and what's happening on other channels.

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This ad is waste of the budget.