Up & Up

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February 2010

AT&T: Up & Up

Film advertisment created by BBDO, United States for AT&T, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: BBDO New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars
Producer: Julie Andariese
Creative Director / Copywriter: Pierre Lipton
Creative Director, Art Director: James Clunie
BBDO Music Producer: Melissa Chester
Account Persons: Julie Meyerson, Brandy Stead
Production Company: Gorgeous
Director: Peter Thwaites
Director of Photography: Joost van Gelder
Edit House: Final Cut
Editor: Akiko Ikagawa
Visual Effects House: Framestore

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gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2675

amazing... she must be the gold winner. ..


hermotsura's picture
Activity Score 254

Let me see now:

1. that would sell lsd, mushrooms & snowboard equipment, i'm not sure about minutes tho...

2. when you think about it, you could apply the same clip to absolutely any idea, any product and any service with the same amount of relevancy: "here's to possibilities." hm, come again?

3. yes, i know, they're miss gretchen's sponsor. so what? lets just have her... lets jsut have her... snowboard in space! how refreshing!

4. the song's been used on too many occasions... and man, even the song reminds me of drugs! It's the very song that was revived because of... well... of all things, Trainspotting!

gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2675


mushrooms lol.


huhjyu2bono's picture
Activity Score 18

Anyone knows what the music is?

ivan's picture

I think it's Lou Reed — Perfect day. Have you not seen Trainspotting? It's a must! :)

hadrianapolis's picture
Activity Score 733

music is supergay

alexander_bickov's picture
Activity Score 3279


abrauf's picture
Activity Score 122

love it........

P-syco's picture
Activity Score 267

Just the perfect day!

remotedt's picture
Activity Score 92

this is gretchen bleiler... maybe this is what she saw after she smacked her head... wait for it... second hit when her head hits the flat!

mariobross2's picture
Activity Score 34

die music macht die haelfte davon.. sonst sieht es ein bisschen unrealistisch aus