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October 2008

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Film advertisement created by TBWA, United States for Apple, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Media Arts Lab, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Lee Clow
Executive Creative Directors: Duncan Milner, Eric Grunbaum
Creative Director: Jason Sperling
ACD / Sr. AD: Chuck Monn, Jamie Reilly
Senior Copywriters: Kevin Tenglin, Krista Wicklund
Agency Producer: Serena Auroux
Production Co: Epoch Films
Director: Phil Morrison
DP: Peter Donahue
Editorial Co: Mad River Post
Editor: Val Thrasher
Post Co: Company 3, Brian Robinson, Stefan Sonnenfeld
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Art Director
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Even though macs are overpriced trophy machines and apple is a stuck up bitch of a company.... this ad is amazing and very true.

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That's ironic...
How much does Apple spend on advertising...?

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Yeah, that's because Apple can allow themselves to spend so much on advertising since they don't have a lot of problems to fix. Well, at least not as much as vista.

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And maybe that's because they dont have something as inane as Vista on their hands?

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Or maybe because they release an entirely new product every year or two instead of improving the one they have? :)

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Agree 100% with Wyvie.

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Fine humor. All of 3.

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Copywriter at Ogilvy Santiago
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It just keeps going and going...

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last part done so freaking well

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Fine, I'm a guest
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I love the fact it's poking fun of the $300 mil Window is spending with CP+B. Money well spent!

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May be I am wrong, but it seems that these ads work mostly for the people who already use MAC.
I use both. And I know that both PC and MAC have their niche problems - none of both is perfect... so also this campaign is more like anecdotes not like deep insights. But may be MAC just need anecdotes and nothing more.
MAC vs PC OR PC vs MAC - whatever.

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Apple is just slapping Microsoft in the face with this one! Is anyone else getting sick of all these commercials? I mean come on, Apple, why not just show me why I should buy a Mac rather than why I shouldn’t get a PC? I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Mac commercial that said something about the computer. Are there any commercials even out right now that are just about the Mac and not the Mac dissing the PC?

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Steve 1
Gates + Seinfield 0

Javier Ramírez
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Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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It's amazing how this ads always put people to discuss about the goods and bads about Macs and PCs. I'm glad there's also Linux to consider and I'd be more pleased to have more options to consider as in OS for computers there are in the market. But c'mon people, this is an ad site. Discuss the commercial. Take an objective view of it. No, I don't believe Macs are better, I just prefer to work in those. I don't believe PC suck big, I've work for years in those. But the ads are a true marketing research of user preferences. I've made my own and just one person (out of tens) told me he'd prefer Vista. Now, let's see why this ads exist: Apple started this having in mind that there is a lot less people using Macs. They said it right on the last big keynote they had. And also said that one of the reasons the people turn to mac was Vista... the problems it has. It has been a genius campaign that has rendered very juicy earnings for the company. This campaign won't EVER tell anything about the product. Because the real reason people didn't use it was because they were comfortable with their PCs.

I believe, this are not the best of the campaign, but they have a very fine humor regarding the counter-campaign Microsoft is doing. I give a huge standing ovation to the results of this.

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MoO media |

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Ridiculous. How the frack did this come in silver? They've been doing the same ads for ever now, and this get's silver??? And how dare they talk about advertising in an ad? I'm beginning to lose a lot of respect for this site.

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I hate these adds. WTF Apple think about people bought PCs? I known a lot of people that'll ever bought a Mac, because they feel offended by these adds. You should check the I'MAPC campaign that Microsoft is running these days... Thank you MS for recognize that we (more than 90% of users in the planet) prefer a PC, although you don't sell PCs.

Mathias Lindemann
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And what exactly are the major flaws in OS X that remotely compare with the sh*t that is Vista?

Guest commenter
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This week, OSX froze on me twice (5 month old Mac Book Pro running Leopard), Software Update routinely freezes mid update, logging in after the screen saver gives me a black unresponsive screen a third of the time, it likes to automatically wake itself up out of sleep mode for no discernable reason.

Satisfied? Because those are just what I call the 'major' issues. The 'minor' issue list is considerably longer.

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You forget that mac users will blindly assume that windows is worse without ever using it.

The only problems with vista were 3rd party manufacturers not putting enough into the new driver model, the OS itself has been pretty much 100% stable since win2k.
You can't say that about any apple OS.

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This is crap

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"The idea of these ads are for the guys to like each other"
- Steve Jobs on 2007 All Things Digital interview -

(Out of cynicism or just a friendly candor... I dunno)

It is always interesting to see how these two giants communicates themselves to the consumer. But, for the last decade, don't you think Apple has done quite a remarkable job so far? (Meaning: that what they're doing is working well so far - an up to 30% market share raise from 5% of the US Personal Computer Market ever since Jobs back on board. Isn't that scary? Apple will soon catch a cold)

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Trying to retire ad-man

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These ads work only for Mac people.

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