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How is this supposed to be funny? A spanish soap would do much better...
And that stupid (corny) chinese music

"Sex sells. Truth even better." - A friend

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maybe it would have made more sense in english...maybe the point of the ad was that we dont understand what they're saying?? dont really like it as it is now..

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Hmm, don't think it's that bad...

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no reason? its just not bad??

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the reason: I loughed and like it

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I´ts not bad, its funny and i think it works

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Anyone who says it's bad needs to justify their comment as much as one who says it's good. I like it because it's simple, funny and memorable and directly relates to the product in an engaging way.

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Not good.

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I think this work quite alright, allthough the execution could been at little better... It seems a little too slow in the end.. I would build the joke up a bit more and deliver it, more like kabaaam this is the point, and show your logo.

Thats detail, but the real problem is that this king of setup.. Making a (I cant see) joke with somebody and then showing a logo for what ever optician have been done endlessly...

I'm looking forward to the next great adea for an optician build on the new usb and one where you actually remember the client...