Break Free

December 2016

Adidas – Break Free


"Break Free" tells the story of 79-year old Karl, a former marathon runner locked up in a lifeless nursing home. One evening he discovers his old running shoes by adidas and decides to take a run in his old marathon outfit. He wants to leave the boredom behind and tries to escape the nursing home, against the will of the nurses. His actions ignite a spark of life in the residents of the home and they support him on his way to freedom.

Film advertisment created by Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany for Adidas, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Creative Director: Eugen Merher
Art Director: Eugen Merher
Copywriter: Eugen Merher
Photographer: Mortimer Hochberg
Cast: Jens Weisser, Herman Van Ulzen, Anja Karmanski, Hiltrud Hauschke, Daniel Hubertus
Director / Script: Eugen Merher
Producer: Karli Baumann, Karl Heidelbach
Director os Photography: Mortimer Hochberg
Editor: Ernst Lattik
Music: Alexander Wolf David
Sounddesign: Marcus Fass
Sound Recording: David Hill
Production Design: Nora Brockamp, Julian Dieterich
VFX: Tim Markgraf
Make Up: Sandra Untenberger
Production Company: Filmakademie

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Highest Rated

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Activity Score 159


Creative Director

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Activity Score 50602

not bad foe what it was,

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Activity Score 82

Can't help but smile when you see something so original and heartwarming..

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Activity Score 159


Creative Director

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Activity Score 1534

Was worth the time spent watching it. Simple yet heartwarming.

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Activity Score 529

Hmm... Reminds me of a German movie I've seen.

MattValenzuela's picture
Activity Score 224

This is a peace of art. Breathtaking. I love it.

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Activity Score 20

It's a great story that this ad conveys

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Activity Score 2

Beutiful ad

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Activity Score 1631

Just reminds me the final of "One flew over the cuckoo's nest".
Good direction, but do not shout at genius either....

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L. Wiesen
Activity Score 1340

wonderful... congs

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Activity Score 4

Check this out:

A former Olympic champion wants to compete in the Berlin Marathon one last time.

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Activity Score 2571

well executed ...great story

groovy baby!

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Activity Score 7323

Very nice.

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Activity Score 2

I too thought this spot was taking place in a mental institution and played on the theme of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Though beautiful and expressing the campaign Break Free, it's too dark. There are less bleak approaches to getting across the inspiring message. Or... it could be shot in a way that's less 1970's Nurse Ratchet versus McMurphy.

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Activity Score 411

It's ok. Sure nicely made, but it's over rated - in the real world of advertising this concept wouldn't get past the client.

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Activity Score 211

I love the stuff that comes out of this school. For student work this is absolutely out of this world, however as @Rob71 said, in real world most of their stuff won't get past client… great filmmaking though

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Activity Score 152

Wow, so wrong in a lot of senses.
The link with the product is not smart, which could have saved the movie, and the story has been told already so many times.
I really feel like we're trying to rob a tear away from me, and i don't like it.

When storytelling goes way too far, it ends here.

the ad which wasn't there

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Activity Score 9