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March 2012

Strategy: Currently global warming is the critical issue that inevitably affects all of us, one way or another. Responsibility is probably the key solution. We then conceptualize it to create awareness among people in offices. The most familiar office stuff like trash bin is what we play with to help them change the habits of producing trash.

Result: We sent our trash bins to clients and the result shows that most of them give us a good cooperation and take better care of the earth. The amount of trash in their office is remarkably low compared to the past.

Direct advertisment created by Y&R, Thailand for Y&R, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

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good idea but doubt its effectiveness... still thought-provoking...

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Cool execution; I like that the bin is made of cardboard (recycled paper) but I couldn't see the relationship between trash and global warming in this product. So I'm not supposed to throw away trash like used papers? But the paper was already produced and left a carbon footprint! Also, I can empty this trash bin whenever the level of trash rises: does that mean I've reduced global warming. The concept needed to be a little more thought out. In one bank, we designed a large cardboard trash bin for each floor and for PAPER ONLY. No employee had his/her own trash bin anymore. This not only made them think twice about throwing away paper, but also discouraged them from eating or drinking at their desk (against company policy: the only designated place for eating/drinking was the cafeteria or kitchen). And, most importantly, we encouraged people who found the bin full to alert the unit in charge of collecting the paper for recycling. After the project's initial success, there was even talk of using the recycled paper from these trash bins to produce recycled paper to be used at the bank.

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I like it.

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More trash, result more?

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Very clever. In a world with meters for just about everything, something like this is long overdue.