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March 2010

Wunderman Sydney has created what is believed to be another world first initiative as part of this year’s Earth Hour campaign. ‘Plant Spikes’ follows last year’s multi award-winning augmented reality project ‘Earth in Your Hands’ that encouraged more than 35000 people to create a 3D Earth. The 2010 initiative has opened a new media channel aimed at businesses around the country. Plant Spikes is a low-budget environmentally friendly way to reach staff in office buildings and encourage them to get their businesses supporting Earth Hour. To penetrate offices and get maximum impact, Wunderman chose office greenery to carry this year’s Earth Hour message. Their solution was to create spikes that could be “planted” into office pot plants, distributed by plant hire companies during usual watering rounds. In what could be a world first, Wunderman and STI Lilyfield developed a new ink containing natural plant fertiliser that is

Direct advertisment created by Wunderman, Australia for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman, Australia
Writer: Theodora Gerakiteys
Art Director: Paolo Meucci
Creative Director: Matt Batten
Production Manager: Paul Hayes
Printer: Sti Lilyfield
Distributor: Tpr Group

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nature speaks... good one!


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organic and to the point

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interesting thou...

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love it

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Like it

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This idea pleases me greatly.

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I want to help you poor little plant!

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