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don't get the purpose for this!!!!!!!!!!!

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Maybe it's a Pink Slip..

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Maybe is kinda Volvo Cup or something

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This is a typical "quick! post it on ads, i wanna be first!" and ruin a good resource.

Think. Then think again.

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It looks interesting, BUTTTTTTT what does the text on the paper say???

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Blue Apple
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Pls Explain...?

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Volvo Penta is well known for it's marine engines

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I knew it. No one knows what you're talking about.

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Definitely Volvo Cup related but it would be helpful for the international 'critics' to have the message explained. Personally as a sailing man, this was beautifully crafted. It brings a degree of entertainment to a potentially (not sure without a translation) boring letter.

@Kikin I can't possibly see how this ruins the resource for others. If they did it first then it's theirs to use. If they hadn't done it, then all those who would see it and say 'It would be much better for...' would have NOTHING to comment on or rip-off.