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June 2008

Direct advertisment created by JWT, India for The Times of India, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Mumbai, India
National Creative Director: Agnello Dias
Senior Creative Directors, AVPs: Debu Purkayastha, Vistasp Hodiwala, Arkadyuti Basu
Creative Director: Vinayak Gaikwad
Senior Copywriter: Simone Patrick
Junior Copywriter: Kaushik Iyer
Account Executive: Anuja Arora

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bhangbhang's picture
Activity Score 44

It's ugly but effective.

My_friend_Goo's picture
Activity Score 292

If Sharukh is endorsing it, it must be good

Olafski001's picture
Activity Score 1193

i just don't see what is so great about it
a cultural thing i guess
lot of indians in the jury?

debu purkayastha's picture
debu purkayastha
Activity Score 84

it is not cultural... its moving a nation of 1.2 billion people to select their leader. its a people participation / inclusion campaign. and there was only one person of indian origin in the jury.

and it does seem more like a racist remark than an educated and advertising related one!

really sad for you my friend!

ADebutant's picture
Activity Score 266

Well apparently the copy worked for the target market, now didn't it? Did you read the write up or just skim it?

I realize that it's self defeating to encourage ignorance by paying attention to it , but fuck...if you're blind to the fact that this campaign did a great thing...something advertising should do more of...then maybe you should find a different profession...or open your eyes.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

krautland's picture
Activity Score 3216

Well apparently the copy worked for the target market

that doesn't negate they could have done something a lot better.
weak excuse for weak work.

debu purkayastha's picture
debu purkayastha
Activity Score 84

so now lets see you do something better to get a bronze atleast!

bhangbhang's picture
Activity Score 44

It's ugly but effective.

adi_in's picture
Activity Score 25

According to me, except for the Tree TVC ( everything else is overrated and overhyped in the Lead India campaign. Agree or disagree, I am the target market too.

Guest's picture

I'm not Indian and live in Australia.

Overall, I like the campaign. Not the best I've seen, but considering the client and stakeholders (especially journalists who aren't coopoerative when advertising encroaches on objective editorial), it's quite good. This campaign had a strong potential to backfire if they didn't do it properly.

The campaign's results speak for itself. We can argue the merits of its creativity - but the target audience did accept the message; and that's the measure of a truely effective campaign.

Also, I don't really understand the cultural difference thing; the ads are written in english and is an inspiring call to arms. The TVC, especially, the tree ad is a metaphor for the youth coming together to solve problems rather than bicker about the situation. Sure, it sounds cheesy, but the production glossed over that - and it did move me. At the end on the day, the campaign spoke in a universal language. This is ambitious when you consider the diversity of religions, dilects and customs within the sub-continent.

As for Olafski001's comments about a lot of indians on the jury... if you ever want to know what a wanker sounds like, talk to yourself in a room that echos.

raavigeorgian's picture
Activity Score 2444

loved those ads...