The Kindness Calendar

December 2016
Stiftelsen Friends Direct Ad - The Kindness Calendar
Stiftelsen Friends Direct Ad - The Kindness Calendar


A good deed has never been more relevant. That’s why two creatives from Sweden created Snällkalendern (the Kindness Calendar), an advent calendar that challenge people to do a kind deed everyday until christmas. The printed calendars sold out immediately in Sweden, but is now finally back – in an international digital edition. The Kindness Calendar is a special Christmas calendar that encourages it’s user to give instead of get. The calendar works as a boot camp in kindness, as the kind deeds gradually gets more demanding. “Stand up for someone whom been treated poorly” and “Hang out a gift to the mailman” are some of the kind deeds one can expect from the Kindness Calendar. URL:

Art Director / Illustrator: Nikki Schmidt
Creative Director: Didrik Persson
Copywriter: Didrik Persson, Nikki Schmidt
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