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December 2010

Objective: Primafila Hot Club is the Sub-Brand of Sky Primafila, the Pay-Per-View service of Sky Italia satellite platform. dedicated to broadcasts adult movies and programs. In December 2010, first in the Country. Hot Club launched the 3D technology for adult progamming: the need was, first of all, to raise awareness over their brand new 3D programming and then to push sales of 3D PPV programs.

Target audience: Primafila Hot Club top clients: men 18/60. Concept: only Primafila Hot Club 3D programs allow the viewerto live realistic emotions never felt before, making him almost become part of the show. We created a DM that shows the potential of 3D technology in the most effective possible way. How? By focusing on the effects. An outer envelope was needed for privacy-related reasons. Inside, an envelope portraying male underwear made of real fabric contains the leaflet with all the info rolled up to create thickness where most needed.

Results: visits on the specific section of the website were up bw/16.4% compared to previous weeks. Sales of 3D programs increased by2,7% compared to previous weeks. The DM reached the target about two weeks after the launch.

Direct advertisment created by Y&R, Italy for SKY, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman/Y&R Brands, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Creative Directors: Toon Coenen, Matteo Righi
Art director: Marco Tironi
Copywriter: Filippo Rizzo

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Activity Score 1063

Effective. Good idea! 9/10

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MarioLuigi Bros
Activity Score 203


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Activity Score 50602

not that great,

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Activity Score 8879

Your target is men, and you want them to unroll some dude's package? No thanks.

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Activity Score 4225

What Boxey said. Straight men watch women.

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Activity Score 1174

perhaps we don't know everything about the target group of this DM...

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Activity Score 115

i don't get it where and how to use.

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630

Disgusting. Add what Boxey and Pencil said.

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Activity Score 621

Smells like italian advertising.

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Activity Score 1387

Really??, kmon, this is way off target!! "Ad another dimension to your nights" and show me a big boner?...hmmm. I, the target, straight man, 18/60 yrs, would not want to dig in there..nope, maybe my gay roomate would like it...but then again, he´s not the target


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Activity Score 457

For this DM TA should be gay...

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Hahaaahah I like this!!!


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Activity Score 12

HAHAHA i really like this ad, however I'm a girl, so for the idea i would rate it for being related to TA its pretty poor even though its the 'effect' they are trying to show. I don't think a guy would even open the envelope.

perhaps they could have some how made it nipples or something instead