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November 2013

OLFA : Cut to Build (The Making of)


OLFA is a cutter brand that was known only among a specific group of customers such as architects and arts students. In 2013, the brand wanted to celebrate its 57th anniversary and recruit new customers by promoting the superior performance of its hundred plus cutter models. The strategy, therefore, is to create an experiential marketing event connecting the brand and the target audience by organizing an exhibition to demonstrate the product performance of OLFA cutters. To do so, we created a Pop-Up Store under the concept ‘Cut to Build’, where every structure down to the smallest detail was crafted from cutting and engraving paper into the desired shapes. This exhibition demonstrated the effectiveness and suitability of the hundred plus models of OLFA cutters in every task required of it.

Athip Vichuchaianan

Direct advertisment created by Ogilvy, Thailand for Olfa, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

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pretty impressive

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I'm impressed with the art work, not the ad itself (not interested in the product).. I wanna be the artist's fan!

I was thinking "Lkujhn hasf :OInblkisrt fvn ;OIuynbodf..." then *DING* Got it!!!!

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!! जय श्रीराम !!

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I really like this ad, very impressive work. I have been hanging wall coverings for over twenty years and have used Olfas through out my career as well as most every other painter, decorator, and crafters I know. Started with the plastic type snap blade cutters the the Silver when that was available. When I as well as others found out about the rotary cutters I used those for almost all fabric wall coverings