Made on the spot

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May 2011

Direct advertisment created by TBWA, Israel for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Yehoshua TBWA, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Edo Kariv
Creative Leader: Amit Stoler
Copywriter: Nava Ben Moshe
Art Director: Udi Ovadia
VP Clients: Erez Barkats
Account Supervisor: Mor Yunis
Studio: Assaf Masud

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morse's picture
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I don't understand how a cutting board communicates fresh. It could be a cutting board from last year...

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ace85le's picture
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Doesn't look very hygienic.


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axeanne_123's picture
Activity Score 23

yikes...i do not want to be reminded of this image with my the two comments above, I agree.

Kriativity's picture
Activity Score 414

i like it..

Wordnerd's picture
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Idea is not bad, but come on: you are not sitting in grandmas kitchen but in an antiseptic easy to clean mc donalds. this won't convice too many people.

Lioraran's picture
Activity Score 12

I guess that that non of you has ever cut a salad...
This wooden cuuting board is the best symbol for a fresh salad, and if you've ever cut a salad in you home kitchen you would understand it.
believe me, it looks amazing...

And one more thing for Wordnerd - if you want I can send you a picture of one of Mcdonald's branches in Israel. You will see it there...

CommandZ's picture
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I don't need to see a picture of a McDonalds in Israel to know this idea is neither good, nor "fresh".

Hahalexander's picture
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it's just another way of saying that the salad is made on the spot, you could just write it on the placemats also for McDonalds to convince me that something is fresh and made on the spot they will have to come up with a better idea

Winged's picture
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it has no reference to being fresh....not much of an impressive campaign..