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November 2011

In a time when businesses are making the move from sending traditional cards to fancy e-cards, microsites and viral videos, Make Communications bucked the trend by sending out special packs containing pre-pegged strings of Christmas cards to their clients. Now their clients can still look like they’re well-loved and more popular than their co-workers and the cards are much easier to hang than a microsite.

Direct advertisment created by Make, Australia for Make, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Instant Popularity Christmas Cards – the antidote to digital greetings. The lost art of exchanging Christmas cards. In this age of gifting money and store credit cards and wishing people a Merry Christmas by text message or Facebook post, people are losing sight of the important things. There’s nothing like the magic of receiving a hand written letter or opening a card in anticipation of a pleasant greeting with the faint hope of being greeted by the orange-red glow of a twenty dollar note. But have these simple pleasures gone the way of the dinosaur, the cassette, the Game Boy? We think not. And to that end, Make is doing its bit for Australia Post, for Hallmark, for the famed wordsmiths of Christmas greetings, who have been relegated to the purgatory of churning out dad jokes for dollar shop bon-bons. Hang your cards somewhere prominent, like the front of your desk, or in the lunchroom.The rest of society can have their twenty-six ‘likes’, their drunken texts, the naff microsites made ‘especially for you’. Bah Humbug! Instant Popularity Christmas Cards - Seven different ways to show you’re well-loved, respected and infinitesimally more popular than anyone else in the office.

Advertising Agency: Make Communications, Brisbane, Australia
Creative Directors: Murray Berghan, Melissa Murchison
Art Directors: Chris Symons, Alistair Young
Copywriter: Bernie Watt

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Nice idea.

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It's hard to come up with a great agency Christmas gift. They didn't quite get there with this. But I've seen worse.

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Ok..but arent we the same set of people who are exhorting the rest of the world to use less of paper to save the earth. So millions of greeting cards means lots of paper right. I accept that nothing can replace the joy of receiving a hand written letter or a card but the situation of the present world is no longer a safe one.


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What's nice about getting a handwritten card is that someone took the time to actually write it. It kind of takes the joy out of it when you get the same box of repacked cards as everyone else. It becomes artificial.

And if they're like every other agency, they send the same gift to the entire marketing department of their clients. It's not very unique when everyone in the office gets the same "special" gift.

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I think the basic idea is sound -- a paper Christmas card, but I agree with chicago and pedro's points.

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Wonderful. Back to basics. So relevant today.

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Roger Keynes
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cool thought

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