China Demolition

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January 2014

Illegal demolition often happens in rural China, for accelerate the process of urbanization. But farmers is plundered property because extremely unfair compensation, even many farmers lost their lives in serious conflicts. But farmers hardly know how to protect themselves by law, because they without relevant knowledge and afraid of Court.
1.Deliberately misspelled names of letters, then mailing or leaflets to relevant people (farmers,lawyers,intruders), prompting readers opened the envelope pretty curious.
2.Specially designed envelopes makes the reader when you opened the envelope like tearing down other people houses.
3.There are a Prosecution Guiding in the envelope, that help farmers by easy 3 steps. That will let farmers no longer afraid of the Court, and prosecution is no longer considered a hard thing.

Direct advertisment created by L&CR, China for Lawyers Association, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: L&CR, Shanghai, China

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