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August 2009
Hot Tomali Direct Ad -  Tent Business Cards


Agency business cards are scored so they fold into tent cards.

Direct advertisement created by Hot Tomali, Canada for Hot Tomali, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Hot Tomali Communications, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Thomas Stringham
Art Director: Patrick Chambers
Copywriter: Thomas Stringham
Photographers: Thomas Stringham
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so when they attend new biz meetings the cards double up as name placards.

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Who cares? This is just dumb.

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you are just dumb. this is simple spin on a regular card which makes it dual purpose. clever stuff guys.

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Guest is commenting on his own, average work here. It really serves no purpose. Why not just make your business cards napkins or something else that serves no purpose. This is really average. Sorry.

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Yeah I mean...why not print the name cards as roll & use it as toilet rolls? There's really no point into making it as tent card. For me, it's less than average.

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so what?

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nah no dice boys, what is it a tent company or something?, nah no dice...

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I think our guest here is totally missing the point. Let me explain it to your pea sized head.

The idea was to create a business card that was actually functional in business meetings. How many times have you gone to a meeting, handed out your card and then have your client basically arrange the cards in front of him in the order of your seating? I dunno about you, but I see this on a regular basis! It's actually become somewhat of a habit with most of the potential clients that we meet on a weekly basis, especially new clients. Now quite obviously, you wouldn't practice this after you have built a relationship with your new business and he or she knows you by name but they idea of having a business card double as name tag, in my opinion is absolutely brilliant.

This is some good work Vancouver! Keep it up...

as for the guest, if you're so keen on trashing this work, why don't you show us your portfolio or recent work instead of hiding behind the "guest" comments. Criticism is a two way street my friend and so far, you haven't really given a valid reason as to why you don't like it.

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as a new biz person, great idea.

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How is this DM?

It's a design idea which is pretty standard, big deal.

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