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September 2012

Direct advertisment created by Cheil, Singapore for Harry's Bar, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Case Video:
Advertising Agency:">Cheil, Singapore
Managing Director:">Nalla Chan
Creative Director:">Vijay Anand
Digital Art Director:">Alvaro Bruch
User Interface / Motion Designer:">Alvaro Bruch
Interactive Architect: Nicholas Ng
Head of Interactive: Aaron Gomez
Freelance Planner: Yeunhwa Lee
App Development: Unicom Interactive

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Not bad.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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by looking at this presentation board, the idea is not really clear. But when I watched the case study video, the insight and concept they came up with are in my opinion, really strong. The execution could be better - maybe use other type of technology instead of QR CODE?

Anyways, awesome idea. I think it works.

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Black Hour
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Way too much things to do.
Plus you have to talk to her BEFORE if you want to buy her a drink, you can't just give her a bottle like that (if you're shy).

Plus, who think about QR code at a bar?

First thing I thought when reading that was "oh god, there is so many ways to use that in a non-romantic one"

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I like it. well done.

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I like it for the culture. If people are that shy this may be a good way to break the ice.
Also was just about to say this desperately needs a video.

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The case study video link is up there

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With how many steps it takes to buy someone a beer, I'm amazed this worked as well as it did.

That being said, this culture isn't familiar to me -- and the results speak to my ignorance. Bravo to the agency. I can't imagine it was an easy sell, but you pulled it off in spades.

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I can see this working very well in Asian countries. Even though the insight is really strong, the execution needs to be improved though.

Congrats to the agency. Good job!

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I say this idea works.

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inspired by Heineken U-code?

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I can readily see a few hot girls with dozens of beer bottles stack in front of them. Now, that's a popularity contest!

Anyway, why does it have to be QR code? Why does it have to be app?

Go analogue! Let patrons write messages on 'greeting cards' (or whatever pieces of paper) and have them delivered with beer.