Fresh Brain

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May 2008

As a fresh newcomer in freelancing, I wanted to approach some creative directors by delivering them a small poly-wrapped meat tray containing 'a fresh brain' = my business card. The label was personalized for each person. Number under the barcode is my phone number. On this entry the name is not a real person.

Advertising Agency: Madinagoodway, Auckland, New Zealand
Creative: Mari Pettersson
Hand-delivered to the reception: May 2008

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And I thought my cards were interesting!

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Very good

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cool !

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Disco Munky
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Very good thinking.

This would not piss you off if it landed on your desk. Not saying it'd get read straight away but I'd be curious. Might get you in the door before some punk with a book full of concepts for 60sec TV.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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yeah!i wonder where he got all d money from though ;)seeing he's a freelancer......or do they earn this much??

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I'd call you!

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neil makak
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Good work

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Hi all, glad you like it!

Miskhaa, I bought a 100-pack of meat trays straight from importer (NZ$6), some Glad wrap (about NZ$4), a 20-pack of LC14 self-adhesive labels (NZ$20), printed them 14-up on my dinky but highly useful Brother DCP-115C bubblejet printer/scanner and slapped the packs together over one night (darn wrap, very tricky material!!). I sussed out the optimal order of the agencies agencies and planned out the route so that I was able to deliver them all in 2.5 hours at a rapid walking pace. Thank goodness the gods were favourable – the sun was shining all the way :-)

So all in all, it was a very cheap self-promotional exercise.


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Disco Munky
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Very clever.


Doin' it for the points

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Siisti käyntäri!
Lisää samanlaista!


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Now what do I do with my 25 meat trays I've been storing that my pocket book was going into?


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very cool and memorable

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Hahahaha... that's one of the TOP 10 ideas for business card presentation I've ever seen. Compliments!!! Fresh brain indeed ;)

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Seen in a Lürzer's Archive, probably 03/08.. The difference was there was a fresh brain in it..

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yep, seen it before more than once. In Luerzer's it had a fresh brain, in One Show it had a brochure shaped like a steak, and I did one with a fish about a year ago, which none of you has seen because I didn't consider it worthy of this site...
so at least for me, this is a distant 4th place.

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Mimmu Nikkari

Siisti käyntäri!!!

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i have seen this idea done before and within NZ mate.

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Fucken genius