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February 2011

Direct advertisment created by Centigrade, France for Forbo, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Flotex looks like a carpet but cleans like a resilient
How easy is Flotex to clean? Peel here

Advertising Agency: Centigrade, Europe
Art Director: Ron Strik
Copywriter: David Wilkinson
Photographer: Peter Verver
Retouching: Joost Schrover

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leo burnett india - tide - cannes - last year

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Okay. It's DM.

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done to death fellas... though no offence meant...

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So is it a carpet or a resilient? Does it coagulate coffee into a peel-off strip? Or does the cleaner have to mop it up with water to leave no stain, like other me-too products that only make things quicker and easier, not instant like this ad unrealistically suggests. I see the temptation to paint the product as perfect to make a point, but this takes it a bit too far. Surprised the client didn't say "Well, you know, it's not *that* easy really..." Plus it's a very obvious idea.

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@ CuriousPencil: You just couldn't resist couldn't you! ;-) anyway, always enjoying comments longer than 10 words!

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Oh gosh, I thought it was a sanitary pad in the picture.

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Forbo floors are almost as resilient as the ad shows, if only such a cleaning method were possible :P

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