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November 2008

The Sharkproject is an initiative to raise awareness about the threat of shark extinction, centered on “finning” – a practice in which the shark is caught, their fins cut off and the rest of the animal thrown back to the sea. This mailing is printed on rough paper similar to a shark’s skin and tells the recipient where to cut the envelope open, revealing a bloody shark fin stump. Lovely and powerful.

You have just finned a shark.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Frankfurt, Germany

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this is old.

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And you are older by 20 years.

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so it's only a month old. everyone feel justified now?

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This ad is a pretty powerful one. I don't know if I like it or not though, it makes me a bit squeemish

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Then I think it's done exactly what it's supposed to do. Only problem is, the idiots who fin sharks won't give a rats ass!

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Guest commenter

great idea....if this is old please show!!!!

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yep! i want see too.



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Javier Ramírez
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Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Guest commenter...

very original! powerful and brilliant thinking!

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cool DM... cheers!!

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Guest commenter

good work. love it.

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Guest commenter

scam. scam. scam.

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Cool and effective.

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yeah, great job. Well done. Carries the weight and communicate effectively.

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i don't think i'll bother to open an envelope with a knife...

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Guest commenter

It is really hard to understand these guys who are making negative comments on this and good works in this page. It sounds like all of these guys are the global creative directors of a global network... or they all won 15 Cannes awards. God! Be respectful. This work ain't bad. And with a low budget it creates a good effect. tells the whole story. creates impact. what else do you accept from mailing?

Great work guys!

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Guest commenter

This is GREAT... But why using a knife when the envelop is already opened!? So this is close to great!

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Den Haag

This is GREAT... But why using a knife when the envelop is already opened!?

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who exactly would this be sent to? do germany have a big problem with 'finning'? maybe i'm missing something, but seems to me a purely visual concept with little usefulness or thought behind it.

and it requires you to open it normally and with a knife!? can imagine that if anyone bothers using a knife then they'd slip letter out top and not bother undoing gummed bit and miss point of it.

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Dieter Freummas

Doesn't work.

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And they are their own judges.. hahaha
"Lovely and powerful"


But, i agree with them... It's prettu effective for me, at least.

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My thoughts exactly! Lovely and powerful? hahahah

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Schizo Team

Dear all,

For your information, the creation "SharkProject" by Young & Rubicam Franckfort, uploaded on your blog, is a pure copy of our creation shortlisted at Cannes Lion International Advertising Festival in 2007. By the way, it was the only french promo creation shortlisted in 2007.
Our creative team is called Schizo :
Copywriter : Benjamin Caillé
AD : Jérémy Brunet
Here is the original creation :
Kind regards

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Realy verry good work yaa......... nice thought........hats have a greate day yaar.........

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Sanjay Usmanpurkar

If it is pasted (finn) at one end, to cut it by knife the pasted end will remain 'sticked' with envelope.
simply put: practically don't work.
(but 'congratulations' idea is good.)

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A powerful reminder that how sharks are mistreated when their fins harvested.

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Pretty good and love the fact it's low budget. But what completely killed it for me are the lines... namely the lack of one on the OE and the weak reveal line after I "finned" the shark ("ok, so I finned a shark, so what?"). Would have worked much better if there were strong lines.