The First Reusable Piggy Bank

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June 2012

Direct advertisment created by Ogilvy, India for Fevi Kwik, within the category: Office Equipment.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, India
Chief Creative Officers: Abhijit Avasthi, Rajiv Rao
Creative Directors: Sameer Sojwal, Amitabh Agnihotri
Art Director: Shankar Kamble
Copywriter: Nandkishor Prabhukelusakar

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So good, it hurts.

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so bad, it hurts.

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great dm, nice trojan glue! just wonder: how did it get inside?

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kishor prabhu
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To clear all your doubts, watch the video here

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I have the same question as stickynotes has.

How did the glue get inside? We aren't fools to believe if you say that you actually broke the piggybank, put the fevistick in and then pasted it.

And you distributed it to 500 people. Common guys, stop bullshitting. It's a PURE SCAM and was NEVER EXECUTED.

CAN WE HAVE A VIDEO of the process? Can you post it on web right away? This agency seems to be just about scams.

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kishor prabhu
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Great idea but no one's gonna re-use the piggy...

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few ifs & buts but then I like it

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good one...but def. scam

Happiness is nothing more than good health and a bad memory
~ deepak

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Prasad Weerasekara
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I like.

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kishor prabhu
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To know how it works, watch the video at

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Done before.

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@ creativegodown. Good to have your views. but i think its a great concept. Love the way its been executed. And not all the ads you see here are 100% released. in fact I'm pretty sure at least 60% of the stuff you see here is scam.
@ Jeelish please share where you've seen it.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Both the idea and execution is lame. I don't think this was even executed

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the idea is very straight, old and feels like its been used before!

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Nice Idea. Absolutely loved it. But, few observations though:

- As a DM tool the client would definitely want immediate result. But, with this the result might be delayed. You give dealers the piggy. It will take time to fill it up with coins (Unless its already filled with coins!)

- After breaking, the broken pieces will be uneven and sometimes might even be impossible to glue every single piece back in former shape. So, reusable might not be possible in all cases