Tears of Joy

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February 2011

Inspired from the dubious factoid that India has the largest number of Diesel fakes in the world, Diesel's launch party in India was called the 'Fake Party'. To invite the celebrities to this party we sent them 'Tears of Joy' — 100% Natural Crocodile Tears that was actually a bottle of glycerine. This unpretentious dig on the ever-socialising celebrity lifestyle established an instant connection with the celebrities. Some of them blogged about it, few asked for an extra piece to play a prank on their friends, and almost all of them turned out at the party to revel in its mad fun — this time, for real.

Direct advertisment created by Happy Creative Services, India for Diesel, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Happy Creative Services, Bangalore, India
Designer: Pradeep Kumar
Creative Directors: Kartik Iyer, Praveen Das
Copywriter: Gopi Krishnan M
Art Directors: Praveen Das, Pradeep Kumar
Illustrator: Rishidev R K
Studio: Rama krishna
Account Manager: Ravi Bhat

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