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This is not what the Diesel Be Stupid campaign is about. It's about not to worry about things and enjoying life.

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Weak concept & copy. "Or did the earth started..." - Reads like the writer got drunk for inspiration.

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Not much of a concept.

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Diesel: creative to attract youth to project themselves they are more liberal and bring in and accept newer live styles and change the world. means the product when worn gives higer image for the user; new product and concept- good job by art director and cw.

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very new concept of watches; highly creative. if this accepted as concept of product, we have to give the creative work very high award.

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very old concept for watches, can buy this stuff in every bavarian gift shop.... ( its the "bavarian clock")

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I think its so funny when the people get on here and talk about how great this is. When it's not. It looks foolish.

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OH GREAT!!! Only change is changeless. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

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Semi-interesting idea but very studenty. Why is this on the front page?

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There is a partnership between WebMediaBrands, which owns Aotw, and the Miami Ad School.

In other words, the Miami Ad School is paying to have its students' (mostly worst) work published on here.

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What a joke.

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Dear god, no!! D-:

Big McLargehuge
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Come on, guys...

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No way! I can see some of your friends giving 10 stars to this work. C´mon! it should not even be on the front page. Miami Ad school pull the strings here as i can see.

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Its more of a sales driven campaign. Very very bad visual.. Reflection is all wrong..What happen to FA???

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