Believe Ice Breaker business cards

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February 2010

These are the business cards of integrated marketing agency Base One. They form part of the Base One Believe campaign, which aimed to discover ways to start a conversation, interact and work with each other. To help "go beyond business as usual." To give the campaign personality, two characters – in the shape of Bs – known as the B-Boys, were designed and built into 3D models. These figures would appear in ads, a microsite and, eventually, these business cards. The Believe campaign asked people to talk about their beliefs – the things they wish they could achieve, no matter how far-fetched. One thing about the way that business cards are used is that often when they’re handed over to someone you have just met, it is done in a formal way. So we looked for a way of making it more informal and comfortable for both parties. After all, finding out about someone’s personal belief is a good way to get to know somebody. Business cards can also be quite homogenous and forgettable. We hope to address that with an interesting, eye-catching design that would make the first meeting between two parties much more memorable. To do this, the B design within the card pops up to reveal a belief specific to the owner of the business card. This could work as an icebreaker when the person meets somebody. You can then tear off the B, which has a link to the B campaign’s microsite. Immediately, the two parties have something to talk about. The actual card is printed on 230gsm, uncoated Fedrigoni paper stock, consisting of two colours: black and Base One’s distinct blue, the two colours of the Believe campaign.

Direct advertisment created by Base One, United Kingdom for Base One, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Base One Group, UK

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very memorable!!! excelent way to make a contact! love it...i'll try that for my own

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very nice

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"Bright ideas bring better results"

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i seen many time old idea!