July 2011

Brief Explanation: Our aim was to create an experience that engages with the band’s young & tech savvy fans in a new way, and find a way to allow them to become a part of the video itself. Another challenge was to overcome the $0 budget. We used the crowd funding service ‘Kickstarter’ and successfully raised the $5,000 to use for the production. This was actually a nice way to start involving the core fans of the band and create an early buzz about the new video release.

Describe the brief from the client: The brief was to come up with a new music video for the song ‘MIRROR’ by the Japanese indie band SOUR.

Description of how you arrived at the final design: The song Mirror sings about the fact that everyone around you is a mirror that reflects who you are. This gave us an idea of a journey to find yourself through your connections with the people online. So we created an interactive music video, which gives every single viewer a different customized experience by connecting to their Facebook, Twitter & webcam. You can also add yourself into the video by following @SOUR_official on Twitter. Please try the experience for yourself at

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: When the site was launched, it gained over 150,000 viewers in just the first 3 days. Average time spent on the site was more than 3 minutes, which is an amazing number for a microsite. This music video has gained SOUR a lot of free PR on renowned news sites and blogs. 2/3 of the visitors were accessing from outside of Japan, proving that this video has created buzz around the world, which is a big achievement for a Japanese indie band.

Digital advertisment created by Masashi & Qanta & Saqoosha & Hiroki, Japan for Zenith, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Masashi & Qanta & Saqoosha & Hiroki, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director Director: Masashi Kawamura
Technical Director / Director / Programmer: Qanta Shimizu
Director / Programmer: Saqoosha
Director: Hiroki Ono
Programmer: Yuma Murakami
Film Producer: Yasuhito Nakae
Film Producer: Hisaya Kato
Film Project Manager: Hidetoshi Nagamine
Musician: Sour

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And the video for their song Hibi no neiro was "borrowed" in many commercials. I guess the same will happen with this one.

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too many complications for something that don´t make me feel something special