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June 2009
Volkswagen Digital Ad -  The GTI Project’


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Tribal DDB and Terry Hall at Love have created a multi-award winning digital campaign for the UK launch of VW’s new Golf GTI. ‘The GTI Project’ allows you to enter their top secret test facility and race the new model around a giant interactive Scalextric track. It channels the same fun sense of ‘petrol head’ engineering rebellion that inspired the original GTI Mk 1 back in the 70s.

With a tiny camera mounted to the 1:43 scale Golf, the user is placed in the driver’s seat, forcing them to negotiate the twisting corners, hairpins, and chicanes that weave around the vast 25ft by 30ft model city. Should you wipe-out, a nervous lab-coat wearing technician is on hand to dust you off and set you back on the track.

Digital advertisement created by DDB, United Kingdom for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Tribal DDB, UK
Creatives: Luke Flynn & Brendan Howell
Project Manager: Etebom Davies
Production Company: Love
Director: Terry Hall
Producer: Ali Buttle
Director of Photography: Richard Stewart
Editor: Ben Leyland @ Golden Square
Telecine: Stefan Perry @ Framestore
Model Makers: Asylum
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