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I am sure I am just having a sense of humour failure but I don't even think you should have this on your site. IMO opinion it's in bad taste seeing as there are people over the world willing to give up their lives in this way for something they believe in. However misguided we think they are I judt don't find this amuzing, sorry.


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I agree. It's bad taste. But whether we like it or not this ad was out there. Thousands watched it and it created a controversy. I'm not promoting it and it's not here for amuzement. It should be taken as a negative example.

However if many ask for it to be taken off I'll do it.

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Are you guys protecting the suicide bomber?

Because I was willing to remove the ad if you felt bad about the ad becuse of the victims of past bombings, but I understand that you're actually have feelings for suicide bombers. It looks like you guys are understanding suicide bombers' motives and defending them. You sort of feel compassionate to them.

I'm sorry, but I can't really feel compassionate for a suicide bomber. Whatever his reasons are for doing such an act it's wrong. If I think of the worth thing in life that can happen to my country and my family and I would want to retaliate for it, I would still not kill innocent people. Killing yourself and innocents should be despised for every reason on earth.

The question for me is wheather it's morally acceptable to make fun of suicide bombers. If we consider them sane and acting in full understanding of their actions than I say we can make fun of them without feeling bad about it. But if they are considered insane we may not want to hurt them. I don't think they are insane (some of them may be), but they are brought up in an environment where becoming a suicide bomber is acceptable. Therefore they don't feel that this is wrong, because they have their reasons.

In a way when you say, you feel for suicide bombers, you are actually encouraging such behaviour. You're making it morally acceptable. Please don't do that. One day your innocent loved ones may fall victims to such a terror act and than you'll realize how wrong it is to support suicide bombers.

I want to make sure my comment is not misunderstood. The reasons behind suicide bombing such as oppression based on religion or ethnicity and other unjust situations in life are very wrong. I support to fight that situation in peaceful means. I will always stand for equal opportunities for people. It's not the motives that I despise, far from it.'s picture
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I think the ad is pretty funny, the new polo is said to be small but tough, and then it could last a blast even from you guys here ;)
but I don't like suicide bombers at any point..

I think you need to see this movie in a bit ironic way..

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MADE in the USA
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This piece has a well constructed delivery the punch line is poignant. The subject matter is in direct opposition to some of those who might see it, this is risk taking. Not everyone is going to agree on everything every time. however one must be willing to cross the line, take the chance or no one will ever push the envelope. My mind is complex enough to evaluate and divide information. I can differentiate between real world events and fantasy designed to amuse.

Is it offensive?? Yes it is, ten percent of those who might see this exposé will be offended to the point of anger. they will tell how they feel each and every time their sensitivities have been stimulated.

Something I’ve learned over the years.. Your always going to have that 10% no matter where you are, what you’re doing or what the subject matter. there will always be that 10% who will disagree or find offence or just plain refuse to get along with others.

I understand that this was never meant to be seen outside the industry.
the idea is great, the execution is well done, and the humor is unmistakable. the delivery is excellent.

What a shame it would have been if Fear would have kept this creative hit from being born.
How many incredible ideas everyday find themselves in a trash can because of fear.

Don’t let the 10% run the world because they are always willing to speak up about how offended they are.

Thank-you Ivan You and I agree on a few subjects and we disagree on even more, but I have respect for your open mindedness and your resolve or conviction whichever your relying on.
Thanks for leaving me with the choice to see for myself and make my own personal decision about what I experience.. what I think about, and see. And for not letting the 10% dictate their will over the Majority.

While the subject matter is sensitive the piece is well done. Great Job.


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AMEN...TRUTH HURTS for them anyways.

Arnold Santillan

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Joe Harris
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bloody funny (no pun intended)

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How come French and British always joke on each other, claiming who's better than who in war, celebrating at Trafalga square, where i believe thousands must have died a horrible death; = NOT PISS OFF ONE ANOTHER?

And when a bunch of Japs visit some temple, a huge outrage hapened in China?


When you're no better than as your opposing neighbour or an ideological opponent, you'll seize every chance to succumb him/her/it to a level underneath your shoes of anger.

People who got pissed off, are either suffering from inferiority complex, or are so depressed to have a joke in life.

Nonetheless, i support all sorts of creative ideas to be executed, viewed without any sort of political link.

For those that felt sooo pissed off about this, why not ask Ivan to bring out all advertisements with women in them since it will "pissed off" Muslims as well? Oh i forgot, Muslim guys are horny as well.

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wow ingolstadt, what a daffy comment...

anyway ivan, my respect for toughing it out when you kinda stood back up against the wall. i bet most people would have taken it off without considering if it was right or wrong.

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American and Israeli soldiers are just "terrorists" in uniforms! They are killing innocent people and children under the claimed slogan "war on terror" and "security" This is what you u guys defending the ad can't understand. This is very racist of you.
Advertising is not about making fun of people struggles. Shame on you.
I am not with killing innocent people. but i fully understand the feeling of a suicide bomber. go read and educate yourselves about their lives and the misery they are in, their families killed and tortured..

Sick-of-yoU !!!!

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Can we all relax and take a step back? Its an ad on an ad website - if you want a debate, join a debating forum, or personally email the individuals that you want to continue this petty 'tit for tat' war of words with.I believe each individual should be allowed the option to see the ad for themsleves and THEN make up their own mind.Less of the anger....

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Shut Theory
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wohoo, what an ad... i remember it, i laughed a bit, then said, this makes is so easy to hate them (those who make fun of other peoples suffering)! i dont think the hatred is any different though, it is just one more stupid ad (as in all ads are stupid no matter how many awards they win)

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I like this one. it shouldn't be taken to deep. it's not about any nation - it's a stereotype + black humor, what hits the target - Polo is tough and thats the point. Hollywood crap is full of more harsh examples about discrimination of any kind. this is good and simple.


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Oh yeah, this is sooooooooo offensive!

Why would you make these kind of ad? You shouldn't be that nasty about the poooor poooor pooooor irakis! They haven't done anything wrong, did they? No, they just kill hundreds of innocent peoples (as does america, I agree) with themselves on the name of an unexisting Force upon, in place of trying to find moral solutions or even dialog! We should all follow them and make us explode because the milk delivery service is 5 minutes late!

Come on guys! This ad is maybe shocking, but how funny! And god it does respect the promess! That's what I call a good ad, cause there is some kind of truth behind it, and that's what makes people's reaction. The creators of this ad shouldn't be excusing for anything, it's the bombers that should see how narrow minded they are and be ashamed of themselves!

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I think it's quite funny, like a MADtv skit. Ppl here need to lighten up. They did make it only to promote themselves, it's the kinda stuff ppl do for their personal portfolios all the time. No was can VW successfully sue them. Or half the advertising students in the world would be in jail or bankrupt.
(Nobody misread by comments to mean these dudes are students, k?)

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i guess you can't blame some people for being sensitive to the topic.

but i think it's a great ad.

this doesn't mean i accept it in the world, people! this is an ad site. it's about good ideas. this is a good one.

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hahahah,lol,very funny

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This is racist, offensive and rude!

Real ugly discrimination!

It should be removed from this site.

PS. I’m not Palestinian.

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and that scarf he's wearing is now fashion, everybody wears.

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i understand having an idea with a friend talking about it, but how stupid do you have to be to not say after 10 or 15 min of thinking about this kind of ad that it is not funny in poor taste and would never be allowed to run, let alone making it. god i hope they get sued.

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I really like this ad, that's fun, i don't care it is a palestinian

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Krik Krak Krow
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Wow! Talk about over-reacting!... You'd think this thing is being shown at the Tate Britain!