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March 2011


To raise awareness about the shortage of books accessible to people who have lost their sight.

Digital advertisement created by St Luke's, United Kingdom for The Royal National Institute of Blind, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: St Luke's, USA
Creative Directors: Al Young, Julian Vizard
Copywriter: Ed Redgrave
Art director: Dave Wigglesworth
Planner: Dan Hulse
Account Director: Daniella Rote
Production Company: MPC Creative
Director: Jake Mengers
Editor: Saam / Work Post
Post-production: MPC
Music production / track: Simon Bass @ Pure Soho
Audio post-production: Zach @ Pure Soho
Voice Over: Lindsay Duncan
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TommyO's picture

Beautiful. It gave me goosebumps.

Activity Score 1866
Copywriter |

That's me!

dadada's picture

for those who doesn't know the story they will miss the idea.

Activity Score 1720
Art Director |

Everybody is creative, be yourself.

wigzisonfire's picture


@dadada for those who doesn't use correct english, don't comment.

Activity Score 23
Art Director at St Luke's Communication
Hiperion's picture

We can only comment if we have a good level of English?
I'm so tired of the arrogance of some Americans and Englishmen ...
Brazilian, Argentinean, Thai, Dutch not speak English and do better advertising than you, so shut up, poor nobody.

Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Boxey's picture

You were making a convincing argument until you showed your own arrogance, friend.

Activity Score 8879
Melaleuca In-House
CuriousPencil's picture

+1 for not joining in. Thought we were gonna see a 3-way there.

Activity Score 4225
Hiperion's picture

Telling the truth is being arrogant ... I did not know!

Activity Score 3138
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
wigzisonfire's picture

@dadada twatish comment from myself. Sorry dude.

Activity Score 23
Art Director at St Luke's Communication
redwood47's picture

beautifully shot, nice work!

Activity Score 3
Copywriter at St. Luke's
atb2005's picture

@wigzisonfire |

Dadada was right. For that reason alone, I am giving the ad only 6 stars.

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kleenex's picture

I loved it...

Activity Score 51078
Web Designer/Developer
Vingy's picture

Pfff great idea but i must say i'm a horrible person because when the girl turn around and i watched her face i was LMAO .... ._.

Activity Score 474
Copywriter at Advance
MissCopywriter's picture

Surprised me

Activity Score 168
Copywriter at Leo Burnett & ARC Bangkok
CuriousPencil's picture

It's for the UK's national society for the blind. The stories of Narnia are among those deserving of inverted commas and the name "national treasures" so I think it a bit mean to deny points for this ad because of the chance some people might not know the book. The ad's only shown in the UK, remember.

I think it's an excellent ad, takes the viewer right up to the point of familiarity and wrenches the obvious away. Really does its job, and the Facebook link is a good CTA too, a rare case where people don't mind an 'organisation' intruding on their privacy, by what I've seen on the site.

Well done all round.

Activity Score 4225
risikawi's picture

The only issue here is that she seems to be deaf as well.

Activity Score 44
Public Relations
CuriousPencil's picture

Insightful point - she must also be insensitive to temperature differences and snowflakes - but I reckon some charitable leeway is appropriate here.

Activity Score 4225
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