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March 2008

Check out the site and turn your mic on:

Digital advertisment created by Dentsu, Canada for Scope, within the category: Health.

Creative Agency: Toronto
President: Bob Shropshire
Creative Catalyst: Glen Hunt
Creative Director, Interactive: Michael Gramlow
Art Director: Michael Gramlow
Writers: Glen Hunt, Matt Williamson
Designer: Thomas Hong
Producer: Amanda Loughran
Account Supervisor: Stephen Kiely
Programmer: Toronto
Production Company: Sons and Daughters, Toronto
Director: David Hicks
Post Production: Crush, Toronto
Animators: Aylwin Fernando, Mark Irish and Chris Minos
Compositors: Greg Dunlop, Kaelem Cahill, Pat Moore

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Activity Score 63

Nice technique but not so funny.

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Activity Score 6692

Hahaha! this is really nice! :)

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purple tree
Activity Score 38

u want funny... went in there and typed mint :) and it still made him puke... and it works just as nicely with Scope... so not so well of a solution if my breath will still stink after using the product. no?

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Activity Score 2110

Yup, I did the Scope Test too :) Explosivo :) So it's an oversight....but a BIG fuckin' oversight. I still dug the site :) But people have been dining out on CP+B's subservient chicken for years now. I'm so looking forward to the next thing.

EDIT: This isn't a Sub. Chicken thing, really, cuz the guy's reaction has nothing to do with specific food. Still.

"I saw a subliminal ad executive once, but only for a second." - The Wright


I have thousands of pencils and $1.50 so I'm off to Starbucks

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Activity Score 953

Ok, so how do I go back to the first frame after trying out the test?

I think; therefore I am

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i eat egg.

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i eat egg.