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Ok his own brand

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Manuja Kodikara
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-eM Kay-

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What the hell? What does this have to do with headphones? Way too long and way too boring.

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An axe murderer of ads.

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This was junk.

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When you have all the budget, this is what you do!

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so bad... idea copied in a horrible way, no link to the product, just a cheesy way to get exposure. fail.

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Creative Director at ImpactBBDO Algeria |

coz i said so

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Mmm I prefer Uncle Drew by Pepsi.

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What all poor creative have to endure for celeb led campaigns!
Musta been hot in the disguise...and what a cheapo! He coulda gifted the kid a few of his headphones...
I'd definitely vote for Etymyotics, Shure, or even Bose.

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U r wot u is

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