The Carnivorous Rose

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November 2012

Scoperta la prima Rosa Carnivora


Discovered in Piedmont the first carnivorous rose. A variety of plant never seen before has been noticed in the Pico Maccario Estate, along the wine rows; it has been dubbed “the carnivorous rose” for its safeguarding health of the vineyard and for its unusual qualities as a "predator".

Digital advertisment created by Mosaicoon, Italy for Pico Maccario, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Mosaicoon, Palermo, Italy
Art Director: Alessandro Albanese
Copywriter: Davide Iacono Cassarino
Client Director: Marco Perniciaro
Agency Producer: Spela Marincic
Head of Seeding: Marco Imperato
Seeders on project: Gabriella Trapani
Director of Photograhy: Manuela Di Pisa

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