The Chewy Bag

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October 2012

OLW: The Chewy Bag


OLW Cheez doodles is Sweden’s most popular snack. And they are crispy and fresh! Still, some people like to enjoy their cheez doodles a day or two after they have opened the original bag, this because it creates a more chewy cheez doodle. The most common technique is to let an open bag sit out on the kitchen table for a while to generate chewiness. The problem with this technique is that the cheez doodles are exposed to people with sticky fingers, resulting in fewer snacks for fans of chewy cheez doodles. To help these fans OLW decided to create The Chewy Bag. The Chewy bag is custom made to create chewy cheez doodles and keep them safe at the same time. Small air holes create the chewiness and the zip-lock keeps sticky fingers out.

Digital advertisment created by JMW, Sweden for OLW, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

AdveAgency: JMW kommunikation, Stockholm, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Joakim Karlsson
Creative Director: Samuel Garlöv
Art Director: Jonas Böttiger
Account Director: Björn Mellstrand

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Activity Score 1313

funny but thoughtful.

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Activity Score 95

Now I thought that is what you call stale snack....not chewy. People sure are particular about their things and this ad demonstrates just that.

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Activity Score 50528

Well a bag is very simple to create though.

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Activity Score 43

is this a joke?

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Activity Score 43

i wonder how many ppl work at this agency, cause i'm pretty sure most of these 120 votes come from offense